Another bugfix release
0000104: [General] Make small tutorial level to teach players the basics (silverwing)
0000103: [General] Rebuild Windows package using standalone mode (silverwing)
0000102: [General] Update manual (silverwing)
0000146: [General] Update combat (silverwing)
0000147: [General] Add different picture for navjiarr with spear (silverwing)
0000107: [General] Remove unused items after they are no longer needed (silverwing)
0000116: [General] Code cleanup (silverwing)
0000108: [General] Make sure that all hint dialogs are always visible when they are needed (silverwing)
       0000145: [General] Dypatreanotrr, bad way: make message on map location repeatable (silverwing)
       0000115: [General] Make dialog with Phanearr repeatable (silverwing)
       0000114: [General] Make dialog about Dypatreanotrr fragment repeatable (silverwing)
       0000144: [General] Dypatreanotrr guard should repeat his hint on Aedienrr (silverwing)
0000110: [General] Reduce number of labyrinths in the ending (silverwing)
0000106: [General] Return book to player in the ending (silverwing)
0000111: [General] Add separate music track for final battle (silverwing)
0000136: [General] Make Aedhyarr and Drake neutral in final combat (silverwing)
0000137: [General] When naethvjirr is destoryed, allow player to choose whom to set as a ruler of Lseryanotrr (silverwing)
0000138: [General] Add possibility to prevent William Drake's suicide in the ending (silverwing)
0000105: [General] Explicitly make Phaetlarr take colt (silverwing)
0000140: [General] Add "knowledge" item to phaetlarr (silverwing)
0000129: [General] Alter ending without key (silverwing)
0000120: [General] Add more information regarding naethvjirr throughout the game (silverwing)
       0000130: [General] Extend William's reasoning on Naethvjirr (silverwing)
       0000123: [General] Add some version of Naethvjirr legend into each temple (silverwing)
             0000127: [General] Add some version of Naethvjirr legend into Ancient temple (silverwing)
             0000128: [General] Add a version of Naethvjirr legend into Nleyyslanotrr (silverwing)
             0000126: [General] Add a version of Naethvjirr legend into Venaedanotrr Temple (silverwing)
             0000125: [General] Add a version of Naethvjirr legend into Dypatreanotrr Temple (silverwing)
             0000132: [General] Add version of Naethvjirr legend to Dypatreanotrr library (silverwing)
             0000131: [General] Add version of Naethvjirr legend to Iraaphaanotrr library (silverwing)
             0000124: [General] Add a version of Naethvjirr legend into Iraaphaanotrr Temple (silverwing)
       0000141: [General] Record naethvjirr legend from words of Venaedanotrr chif (silverwing)
0000109: [General] Notify player that lseryanotrr is the end (silverwing)
0000142: [General] Instead of directly proposing showing raybox to radcliffe, allow player to figure it out via dialogs with crew (silverwing)
0000122: [General] Rework Nleyyslanotrr intro (silverwing)
0000117: [General] Add reaction on box of rays for everyone involved and whole party (silverwing)
0000092: [General] Phanearr does not disappear from healer's house (silverwing)
0000143: [General] Instead of directly suggesting to show map of heavenly lights to Svetlova, allow player to discuss it with crew (silverwing)
0000089: [General] You can give both maps to Dypatreanotrr chief (silverwing)
0000085: [General] Update "map of heavenly lights" quest (silverwing)
0000139: [General] Add some legends from old temple to journal with Svetlova's comments (silverwing)
0000084: [General] Remove note and money when they are no longer needed (silverwing)
0000118: [General] Make more obvious at the end of the quest that healer has given stone to the party (silverwing)
0000113: [General] Replace chest puzzle in venaedanotrr labyrinth (silverwing)
0000093: [General] Make the way to use box of rays more obvious (silverwing)
0000095: [General] Open Nleyyslanotrr by visiting Cartographer's guild, not by taking part of the map (silverwing)
0000099: [General] Update street definitions in Nleyyslanotrr (silverwing)
0000096: [General] Replace entry dialog to nleyyslanotrr (silverwing)
0000097: [General] Party's opinion on venaedanotrr uses word "here" which is not proper most of the time (silverwing)
0000101: [General] Lseryanotrr typos (silverwing)
0000100: [General] Lots of typos in Phaetlarr's optional dialogs (silverwing)
0000091: [General] Descriptions of some locations are too vague (silverwing)
0000087: [General] When autosaving in combat, state is not saved (silverwing)
0000086: [General] Update 15 puzzle in Dypatreanotrr (silverwing)
0000088: [General] Allow to get hint from library on getting Dypatreanotrr map fragment for the whole section (silverwing)
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