0000034: [General] Jack wright dialog - some phrases open up too early (silverwing)
0000037: [General] Denying naethvjirr should put you in prison,. not in battle (silverwing)
0000033: [General] Rephrase follow phrase (silverwing)
0000032: [General] Invalid visibility of items in wheelhouse (silverwing)
0000030: [General] Allow using pump only on opened airlock (silverwing)
0000028: [General] View from cabins (silverwing)
0000029: [General] Detailed info on music in info (silverwing)
0000015: [General] Add Atlantis guide (silverwing)
0000020: [General] Make leviathan radio (silverwing)
0000022: [General] Tutorial for encoder (silverwing)
0000026: [General] Reduce amount of real-time components (silverwing)
0000025: [General] Reduce amount of nosave rooms (silverwing)
0000016: [General] Make leviathan left-most path in all cases (silverwing)
0000024: [General] Test checkpoint with shark. On the way back it should not throw you back to the beginning of the temple (silverwing)
0000021: [General] Check: Dypatreanotrr magically knows about dead rayfish (silverwing)
0000019: [General] It is not obvious that solis puzzle is solved (silverwing)
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